SoCal Highlights

Below, you will find videos, webinars and podcasts featuring organizations and people in the SoCal region that are on the Continuous Improvement journey. Highlights include organizations like: UC San Diego, UCSD Health, LifeSharing, San Diego Humane Society, Kitchens For Good and beyond.  Check these locals out!

Idea Boards - Costco's Key To Lean Employee Engagement, with Carlos Vallejo
Inventing a Lean Vaccine Super Station, Featuring Lilly Angelocci and Brian Hand
Process Palooza Webinar May 25, 2021: Lean in Higher Education
Process Palooza Webinar June 1, 2021: The Power of Continuous Improvement in Healthcare
Care for People & Animals Drives Award-Winning Improvement, featuring Audrey Lang and Tina Nguyen
The Toyota Way Brings Kata Into the Mix, Featuring Jeff Liker
How To Build a Roadmap for Cultural Transformation
How To Facilitate Successful Events Using MURAL