GoLeanSixSigma.com has a brand new book - The Problem Solver's Toolkit!The book is a surprisingly simple guide to your Lean Six Sigma journey. Tracy O'Rourke (SCLN recommended consultant) and co-author Elisabeth Swan have created a super-dooper toolkit to assist both the experienced and novice problem solvers in their quest to conquer today's business and process problems. To check it out on Amazon.com, click here.

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UCSD Extension offers an Executive Perspective for Scientists and Engineers or EPSE, a diploma program that gives an executive experience to technical professionals for  professional development to the C-Suite and other leadership roles. For more on EPSE, click here or contact Program Manager, Susie Baranowski at sbaranowski@ucsd.edu. The fall class of 2019 is accepting registration applications now. There are about 15 spaces remaining in the class.