2020 Activity to Date
Without a doubt, this is an extraordinary time. Every company and organization is now immersed in a crash course of crisis management and learning as we go. Many are working remotely from home as our economy and businesses have been rattled by the coronavirus outbreak. Companies are working to keep production lines moving, management teams talking, supplies coming in and customers buying. In other words surviving the crisis so there is something left when the crisis passes, and we shift into recovery mode.

Right now is when we show the value and culture of our sharing practice, as the AME San Diego Consortium is here to continue to help our members through these times. We have expanded our networking and collaboration by making two new tools available to members.

One of our members, HM Electronics, has set up a Microsoft TEAMS site for the consortium to use on a day-to-day basis to communicate, collaborate, work projects and solve problems together. AME has provided the consortium a resource center to enable consortium members to share files easily, as well as store them in the cloud, sync them across multiple devices, and collaborate.

Each member company will have 5 people linked to these tools, and if you are a Consortium member, you are included. We will also proceed with many of our planned CI workshops online as you can see from the scheduled events. As always, our AME San Diego Consortium is here to help you and our community. Feel free to use the tools above, contact each other (Contact information is in the Resource Center) or me

Consortium Upcoming Events
Since the first part of March we have shifted to an online venue. We have held weekly virtual roundtables sharing the immediate COVID-19 action plans each of our companies are taking and learning from each other. The Consortium will continue to hold these sharing sessions shifting the topics as the members need.

We will also proceed with many of our planned CI workshops online. To see the list on the Current Events page, click

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The San Diego AME Lean Consortium is a shared learning network that is facilitated by AME, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence. AME is a non-profit association that promotes lean and enterprise excellence throughout the world with a primary focus on North America. To see a presentation on the Consortium, click here. See the current member companies in the image below.

The consortium provides a paid AME lean facilitator to coordinate the consortium activities throughout the year. However, the 16 member companies determine the agenda and what the consortium's focus will be for the year. To find out more about the San Diego AME Consortium, or to join the Consortium, contact Ken Rolfes or click Join the Consortium 

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